All AM-YAC community members are advised that the AM-YAC community meeting scheduled on 26 and 27 March 2020 is postponed due to the health risks posed to community members by the COVID-19 pandemic.

This decision follows the World Health Organization’s announcement on 11 March 2020 that the COVID-19 virus has reached pandemic status, as well as the resulting decision by the Australian Government on 18 March 2020 to limit gatherings to less than 100 people. The number of COVID-19 cases will rise significantly in the coming weeks, and AMYAC remains committed to the health and wellbeing of members during this time.  It is for this reason that AMYAC does not wish to encourage any travel or large gatherings that may put its members at risk.

The community meeting will be rescheduled when the situation stabilises and any risks to the health and safety of its members are able to be better managed.

If you have any queries in relation to what this decision means for requests for assistance to attend the meeting, please contact the AM-YAC Trust office at (08) 8349 0830 or by email at

If you have any queries in relation to what this means for AM-YAC more generally, please contact MPS Law on (08) 7221 1690 or by email at Please be advised that MPS Law staff are currently implementing a temporary COVID-19 policy of its own, which means that team members are working from home.

AMYAC remains committed to the health, safety and wellbeing of all our members throughout this rapidly changing situation. In the coming weeks, AMYAC will be watching the situation carefully and will do what we can to ensure that its members are safe, including working closely with the Trust to look for options to support members where possible. We hope that we can take care of ourselves and one another, and look out for those who are particularly vulnerable during these challenging times.