AM-YAC Trust Community Assistance

The AM-YAC Indigenous Community Trust is in place to assist AM-YAC Members. Below is a list of ways you may be eligible to receive assistance. For full rules Members should contact the Executive Office. Please note all programs have annual funding caps and funding is not always available.


SGM Assistance

To make a claim the form must be submitted before
4pm WEDNESDAY 3rd JULY 2024


Health and Medical

An application to the PATS Program must be made prior to an application to the Trust – documentation must be provided.


Emergency Hardship

The Emergency Hardship program is strictly limited to extreme situations and each application will be assessed on the information provided. Up to $1,500 maybe available per member.



Elders Funding

Up to $3,000 may be available per approved Member as a once off payment to provide assistance to Elders suffering from poverty.


Funerals & Headstones

Up to $15,000 may be available to provide assistance to funerals of AM-YAC Members. Up to $5,000 maybe available to funerals of non-members. Up to $5,000 maybe available for headstones and memorials.


Cultural Business

Up to $1,000 per event for AM-YAC Members to participate in artistic, cultural and business activities associated with the AM-YAC People. Return to Country group events are capped at $7,500.


Historical Hardship Enquiry

AM-YAC Members can place an enquiry regarding the payments made under the Historical Hardship Program. Responses will be provided in writing.
* Note this is not an application to receive a historical hardship payment.

Items Not Covered

The AMYAC Trust does not provide support for legal assistance / solicitor fees, Court fines, nor travel assistance to attend Court. For assistance with legal aid in South Australia, contact the Aboriginal Legal Rights Movement on 1800 643 222. The Trust does not provide assistance with maintenance of private vehicles.


  • No cash payments
  • No reimbursements without approval
  • No hire vehicles, taxis or cab vouchers
  • Garden maintenance, house repairs
  • No vehicle repairs, registrations or maintenance
  • No debt collector payments
  • No child care fees

Rental Arrears and Bonds

The AM-YAC Trust does not provide support for rental arrears or bond payments. The Department of Communities and Social Inclusion can assist eligible Members in this area. 

You can apply online here