The Board and the Trust


The AMYAC Indigenous Community Trust is a Charitable Trust established under a Deed of Trust with a number of Charitable Objects and purposes such as:
– the relief of poverty, sickness, suffering, destitution, misfortune and helplessness of the Community;

– to provide grants scholarships, bursaries and other assistance (financial or otherwise) for the education, including vocational training and economic and enterprise training of the members of the Community;

– to promote health in the Community;

– to provide for the needs of the elderly and infirm members of the Community;

– to provide cultural and heritage benefits to the Community;

– to provide grants and other assistance for the protection and preservation of the natural environment;

– to provide transport and communication services to the Community;

– to provide for the long term needs of future generations of members of the Community;

– to promote, protect and maintain the traditional laws and culture of the Community;

– to provide assistance to the Community for housing programmes;

– to provide funding for or to implement Community projects, Community facilities and Community activities for the furtherance of these charitable objects and purposes;

to the extent that doing so is charitable at law or is incidental or ancillary to an object that is charitable at law.

Perpetual Private Trustees Limited is currently the Trustee and has powers under the Trust Deed which include investing the moneys of the trust fund and making payments for charitable purposes.

Most of the money paid into the trust fund is money paid to AMYAC as compensation for the loss or impairment of native title due to the actions of mining companies or the State.

The AMYAC directors act as the Advisory Council for the Trust and make recommendations to the Trustee with respect to the distribution of the net income of the Trust Fund for the Charitable objects and purposes.

The Trust Deed contains a Payment Rules Schedule [link]which provides guidelines for the Advisory Council with respect to making recommendations to the Trustee for the distribution of money from the Trust Fund for charitable objects and purposes.

An executive office has been established to administer requests from AMYAC members, including their assessment against the payment rules and the making of payments where approved. MLCS Corporate has been contracted by the trustees to provide this service. Simply called AMYAC Trust the executive service can be contacted by members on tel. 1800 805 756. [link-if required]