AMYAC RNTBC (AMYAC) has been engaged by Peak Iron Mines to develop and deliver a two-day AMYAC Cross-Cultural Awareness Training Program to Peak Iron Mines and contractor personnel.

The Training Program will be delivered at a minimum of two times during the year at Peak Iron Mines Windy Valley Accommodation Camp.

In addition to the two-Day AMYAC Cross-Cultural Awareness Training Program, a two-day Facilitator Training Workshop is being organised to enable ten (10) AMYAC members to develop their skills as Workshop Facilitators.

Expression of Interest (EOI)

This flyer is a call for AMYAC members to register their interest to participate in the two-day Facilitator Training Workshop with Michael Coughlan (AMYAC CEO).

The two-day Facilitator Training Workshop will train AMYAC members as facilitators. The details of the two-day Facilitator Training Workshop are as follows:

  • ORGANISER:      Michael Coughlan (AMYAC CEO)
  • LOCATION:       Coober Pedy – The Desert Cave Conference Room
  • DATES:              Tuesday 4th April (Day 1) and Wednesday 5th April (Day 2) 2023
  • TIMES: Day 1: 9.30am start – 4.30pm finish
    Day 2: 9.00am start – 4.00pm finish
  • COST:                 Free
  • NUMBERS:        Workshop participation is limited to ten (10) participants
  • ALLOWANCES: No travel allowance or attendance fee will be paid
  • MEALS:              Morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, and refreshments will be provided.

The participant number is limited to ensure appropriate training is provided during the workshop. Priority will be given to participants who have previous facilitation or teaching experience but is designed also for those with no prior experience.

Download PDF for more info:

AMYAC_Peak Cross-Cultural Training Program Flyer Final 4 5th April

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