The Scholarship Committee met on Tuesday 15 December to review Scholarship Program applications for the 2021 academic year.

Due to a large number of applications without attendance records, the Scholarship Committee has put on hold all Secondary, Primary and Laptop applications until 19 January 2021.

Parents or guardians applying for Scholarship Program assistance, must provide attendance records with their child’s application form to qualify for assistance.

Parents or guardians must provide a copy of an attendance record to the Executive Office before Monday 18 January, to receive Scholarship Program assistance during 2021.

The Scholarship Committee acknowledge COVID-19 has affected school attendance during 2020 and are considering lowering the school attendance benchmark, usually 80%.

The Scholarship Committee would like to support as many AM-YAC families with support for education costs as possible during 2021.

Executive Office 08 8349 0830

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