Date: Wednesday to Friday, 16-18 November 2022
Time: 9:30 am to 4:30 pm
Location: The Greek Club

Attached to this letter you will find:

  • AGM agenda (pages 3 and 4);
  • AMYAC directors’ nomination form (pages 5 and 6);
  • AGM member assistance policy (page 7); and
  • AGM member assistance request form (page 8).

Members’ assistance

Applications for assistance to attend the AGM will need to be received by the AM-Y Indigenous Community Trust (the Trust) office by Friday, 4 November 2022.

To apply for assistance, please complete the application form at page 8 and send to

You can also apply for assistance online. You can find the online assistance form at

Directors’ nominations

Applications for director nominations will need to be received by Reade Allison, the AMYAC Returning Officer, by Monday, 7 November 2022.

To nominate to be a director, please complete the nomination form at pages 5 and 6. Applications can be
sent by email to or by post at 100 Carrington Street, Adelaide SA 5000.


The Trust will provide mileage and accommodation assistance to members in accordance with the Trust
policy at page 7.

The Trust would like to remind members that, under the current AGM assistance policy, members will need to book and pay for their own accommodation. Members that attend the AGM can arrange reimbursement for accommodation by providing a receipt to the Trust office. The name and bank details on the receipt will need to match with the member who has applied for assistance.

Check-in session

MPS Law staff and the CEO will be holding a members’ check-in sessions in Coober Pedy on 14 November 2022. Members are welcome to speak with MPS Law staff and the CEO about AMYAC and its business during the check-in sessions.

Further information

Directors remind members that where members bring their children to the meeting, they will be responsible to ensure their children behave and do not disrupt the meeting. Where a member’s child disrupts the meeting, the member and their child may be asked by the AMYAC Chairperson to leave the meeting, in accordance with the meeting rules.

For members requiring dialysis, SA Health will be providing dialysis on the SA Health Mobile Dialysis Unit
(dialysis truck) based at Coober Pedy Hospital. If you need dialysis please contact SA Health by email at or by phone at 0428 640 220.

As members would be aware, the corporation has acquired a community office in Coober Pedy. The board is working hard with the CEO to set up this office space for use for community activities. The board looks forward to using this office space in future for member events.

Information regarding the AGM agenda items, including draft resolutions, financial reports and draft
documents can be requested by contacting the AMYAC Contact Person at

Please contact the MPS Law office on (08) 7221 1690 if you have any queries.


The AMYAC Board

221012 -AMY-2022 AGM - 16-18 November 2022 - Notice suite

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