The Executive Office have informed Perpetual – the Trustee that expenditure on the Emergency Hardship Program has reached its FY2022-23 budget limit of $200,000.

It is now necessary to close the Emergency Hardship Program to new applications until further notice, to prevent over-spending impacting the other community support programs that are in place.

Applications that have been approved will be paid in the coming days. The Executive Office will not approve any further applications.

A small amount of funds are being held for the most necessary emergency circumstances that may arise between now and July 2023. The Trustee, AM-YAC Chairperson and Trust Advisory Council will be informed of those cases and assist with decision making.  

AM-YAC Directors are asked to discuss this program closure with their families and ask for patience with the Executive Office Team.

Why has this happened? 

At the Community Meeting in May, and again at Trust Advisory Council meetings Perpetual – the Trustee was asked to remove the requirement for supporting letters from a social support agency to reduce barriers to AM-YAC members receiving assistance. 

This change has resulted in higher numbers of Emergency Hardship Applications being approved by the Executive Office.

Specifically assistance with food. Emergency Hardship applications amounting to $44,000 for assistance with food have been approved since 21 September 2022.  

A briefing note on this issue was provided to the Trust Advisory Council at the TAC meeting on 18 October.

What happens next?

This matter will be raised with the Trust Advisory Council at the next meeting for discussion and decision.  

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